Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle documents MSHR's light-audio hardware performances from a period of frequent touring circa 2015-2019. The crystalized structures of their live systems are presented here through a series of studio recordings made during a residency at Sonoscopia, Porto.

This album, like their live performances, contains a series of improvisations using MSHR's unique analog electronic systems. Their live sets are known to be strikingly visual for their use of gestural interfaces and light-audio feedback, bringing the audience into an immersive undulating mindscape. These recordings capture that synaesthetic quality while emphasizing the aural dimension of the work in a way not possible in a live setting.

MSHR compares improvisation to moving stones in a river, interacting with a landscape to shift the flow of its elements. These recordings capture the sonic dimension of raw electricity surging through a morphing constellation of analog computer chips, flashing bulbs and extreme (in)human presence.
Co-released by Ehse (vinyl) and Sonoscopia (CD)

LP and CD available worldwide from Ehse and in bulk from Redeye. Contact us with questions memshr at gmail dot com


In this video companion to the album, diagrams describing the signal flow of MSHR's electronic musical systems are extruded into sculptural form, becoming city-like circuit-scapes, representing both the skeleton of the framework and its fruiting body. The video acts as a prism for the live set, crystalizing its fundamental frequencies into a monad that projects the whole.
Article about the project at Fact Magazine

Photos by Carly Gaebep, Sathis Mamalakis, Walter Wlodarczyk (2)