Mesh Manifold

Mesh Manifold is a live sound-sculpture composition by the duo MSHR, consisting of a multitude of devices in a complex and unruly feedback system of sound and light. Developed over the course of a summer residency in Santa Cruz, California, Mesh Manifold extends MSHR's past work, introducing a fresh population of autonomous sculptural entities, cohabiting across simulated and substantial substrates.

The resonating bodies contain custom-built electrical circuits with sensors and amplifiers that emit and respond to signals rippling throughout the system. The entities converse through these physical connections as well as engaging with an invisible software canopy inscribed across the terrain through various programming languages. As elements of the system themselves, MSHR move throughout the sculptural array, adjusting the waveform micro-climates while modulating their own decisions in response to the unpredictable audiovisual results of their active presence. The entities and agents together form a babbling biome for electrical current, cultivating a life-like chorus from inert components.

Mesh Manifold was commissioned by Indexical and The Lab, with in-kind support from the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County and Idea Fab Labs, Santa Cruz.

Live Schedule:

Klang Moor Schopfe, Gais, Switzerland, Aug 31- Sept 10 2023

Indexical, Santa Cruz, California, Sept 29 + 30 2023

The Lab, San Francisco, California, Oct 5, 2023

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